Slow Jogging VS Fast Walking

Get Fit after Having a Baby

If you had a baby in the past year and are ready to get back into shape, then this is for you!

It can be hard to find time to work out after having a baby. But fear not – we have some tips that will help make your transition easier – and Baby can come along!

Start out slowly

When it’s just a few weeks after delivering your baby, you really have no choice but to limit yourself to walking exercises. Even if you are really determined to start being active again, your body will need to recover first. In fact, you should only attempt running or doing a more strenuous stroller workout routine after 6 months.

Fortunately, low impact fast walking is a great way to start and very effective in helping you to get fitter and stronger and lose weight.

Start with Fast Walking

Start with Fast Walking: you won’t be able to do long distances like before you were pregnant but don’t worry – just focus on shorter distances where it is easier for you right now instead of pushing yourself too hard.

Fast walking is a great way to get back into running and jogging again – and you can do it with baby in tow!

There are so many benefits that come from fast walking such as weight loss, stress relief, and improved cardiovascular health. If this sounds appealing to you, we recommend starting out by adding 10 minutes per day onto your normal walk routine so that you feel tired but not exhausted when you get home.

It’s important not to push your body beyond its capabilities which will put strain on your muscles.

Why is Fast Walking Better For You?

Walking fast and jogging slowly can most likely be done at the same speed. However, that is where the similarities end. Their main difference is that walking is low-impact, compared to jogging or running.

When you’re jogging, no matter how slow, there is a fraction of a second when both feet are off the ground. The moment a foot lands, it immediately absorbs all your body weight. The impact is significant as all your body weight is transferred to one leg with considerable force. This is the same when you’re running, only more intense.

When you are walking quickly, on the other hand, one foot is always touching the ground. Your body weight is softly transferred between each foot, which helps to lower the risks of injuries in the long term. as your joints do not have to continuously bear the force of your weight.

Exercising with a Stroller

Exercising with your baby can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

Combine your return to fitness with Baby’s daily walk – and what busy Mom doesn’t love multi-tasking?

Regardless, there are some things to take note of before starting this journey:

  1. Use a purpose-built Baby Jogging Stroller. Regular 4-wheel baby strollers are built for slow speeds and moving quickly can cause them to veer off-course or even tip over. Here are our favorite Joggers to choose from.
  2. Exercising with a Stroller needs Practice. Here are some tips to follow
  3. Try a Jogging Stroller Workout Routine. Here is our favourite routine to get you started
  4. Make sure your Jogging Stroller fits you. Having to adjust the Jogger’s handle depending on how fast you walk or run may at first just sound like a potential annoyance, but it’s actually very important. An adjustable handle is key to being able to walk or run comfortably as your stride length and reach will vary according to how fast you go. Check out our article on this for more details.
  5. Don’t Forget about Safety! If you plan on jogging with a stroller make sure it has safety features such as brakes and tether straps. Check out this article for more advice on keeping baby safe while exercising with a stroller.

Transition to Jogging Carefully

When you do finally begin jogging, start at a slow pace. Slow down every time your breathing becomes labored or if it feels like you’re becoming lightheaded and dizzy. If this happens, stop for the day as well as any other strenuous activity until your symptoms settle down on their own.

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