Enjoy running with a jogger with these tips

Tips For Running With A Jogging Stroller

We certainly would like to have the best experience every time we go outside with our little one. These tips for running with a jogging stroller can certainly help to make to this happen.

When you include these as part of your everyday routine, it becomes second nature. As a result, the safety and benefits you get with your running sessions can improve significantly.

You don’t need to have a premium jogger to do these. As a matter of fact, you get the same improved experience even with a best inexpensive jogging stroller.

15 Tips For Running With A Jogging Stroller

You may have an amazing workout routine planned out, but without these tips, it can make your experience quite an effort.

1. Don’t forget to perform warm-ups.

As with any other workout routine, you will need to do warm-ups to get that heart pumping more blood. This will help to make your muscles more flexible. In turn, this will make your runs more productive and prevent any injuries later.

2. Keep your baby secure.

You’re not running by yourself this time around. You need to make sure that your baby is strapped comfortably with your jogger’s 5-point harness. You may be running at a slow speed of 4 to 5 mph, but to your baby, this is very fast. Keeping him or her secured is like wearing a seatbelt while driving.

3. Check the tires.

Jogging strollers have air-filled rubber tires. You will need to make sure that they’re all inflated well, based on the manufacturer’s specifications. A properly inflated tire can affect the level of riding comfort.

4. Lock the front wheel.

If there’s one feature that makes a jogging stroller stand out from other types of strollers, that would be the locking front wheel. WIth this feature, you can be sure that the stroller does not turn on its own when moving at running speed. Some high-end models have the switch installed near the handlebar instead of being on the base of the front wheel.

5. Adjust the handlebar.

Adjusting the handlebar is pretty much what we would equate to adjusting your seat to a comfortable when driving your vehicle. This will help ensure that the entire run will not add strain to your arms while pushing the jogging stroller.

6. Don’t start with an empty stomach.

Even if your primary goal to go running with a jogger is to lose weight, doing so with an empty stomach will do more harm to you. You need the energy to be able to do your workout. However, don’t start your workout after a full meal. You can have least one snack bar to fuel you up.

7. Be sure to pack up.

Don’t forget to make use of your jogger’s storage basket underneath the seat. Be sure to bring a small diaper bag with you, snacks for you and your little one, small toys, and water to keep you and your baby hydrated. Some joggers even have compartments right at the back of the seat so you can easily reach it.

8. Make use of the canopy.

Be always aware of the current weather condition and the sun’s position in the sky. Jogging strollers are known to have a wide canopy. Be sure to pull it forward to protect your child from the sun. It is preferable to have a jogger with a canopy that can go all the way down to the snack tray, for runs in the early morning or late in the afternoon.

9. Stop worrying about your pace.

If you’re used to running 5 to 6 mph, expect that you’ll definitely be moving at a slower pace with a jogger. Do not let this discourage you, though. You need to understand that you’re also pushing the weight of your child and your stroller. You need to track your progress separately when you’re just running alone.

10. Avoid busy streets.

Your jogging stroller may be very maneuverable, but when you’re planning to go running it actually loses this feature. With the front wheels locked in place, you won’t be able to turn quickly on busy streets. Additionally, running on bike paths or parks can make the ride more comfy for your child since you don’t have to stop and start every now and then.

11. Always have at least one hand on the handlebar.

As you move at faster speeds, you jogging stroller will pick up the pace on its own. While it’s very tempting to let it run on its own before you once it acquires almost the same velocity as you, you should keep at least one hand holding the handlebar. This is regardless if you have the tether tied up to your hand.

12. Go as fast as you can safely handle.

In relation to tip number 11, you should also run only as fast as you can safely handle your jogging stroller. It may be enticing to go faster especially if you’re running on a smoother pavement, but you will also need to consider if you can easily slow down in case of emergencies.

13. Add variety for you and your baby.

Don’t go running the entire time. We all know that toddlers have a small attention span, so unless you mix your routine up you’ll end up having a bored and irritated child. Try to include breaks every now and then, and consider it as another boding time opportunity.

14. Avoid the hills.

If you’re used to running the hills alone, you need to think more than twice about doing this with a jogging stroller. The incline can make the jogger hard to push up the hill, or you might end up being pulled by the jogger when going downhill. However, if you are confident in doing so, you need to make sure that your jogger is equipped with a handbrake like the Chicco Tre.

15. Engage your parking brakes when stopping for a while.

When you know that you’re going to be stopping by for a while, applying tip number 13, be sure to engage your parking brakes. This should be second nature to you, pretty much like what you do with your vehicle. You certainly don’t want your jogging stroller running away with your baby.

Wrapping It Up

If you’ve been running even before you had your baby, you’ll definitely notice that some of these tips are just general rules for running. Some of them are the same for when you’re biking. After all, they all part of being and staying active.

The most wonderful thing about this is that both you and your child get to have fun. Following these tips for running with a jogging stroller makes your workout routine more fruitful and your little one happy as well.