Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller Review

Complete Review of Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

Do you really need an all-terrain jogging stroller when you’ll be jogging or running in the park the entire time?

Thule Urban Glide is built specifically for the urbanites. The sleek design itself mimics a sports car that runs on the urban landscape.

Since most of us don’t actually have the luxury to go the great outdoors regularly, this jogging stroller is the better choice compared to the off-road design of something like the BOB Revolution Flex.

In this review, we’ll be giving you a clear idea of what type of experience you’ll be getting with Thule Urban Glide. Along with its caveats, you’ll learn why this is the choice of most parents don’t only jog but run marathons as well.

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller Review


Urban Glide from Thule, true its product name, can seemingly glide across uneven pavement. This makes it perfect not only for those who jog but for those who run as well. It has three air-filled bike tires with a swivel front wheel and a padded reclining seat.

Perhaps what makes this jogger stand out from the rest of the models in the same tier is its design. The sleek and sporty look makes Thule Urban Glide akin to a sports car.

In fact, this model remains to be our most favorite jogger year after year. It certainly has some flaws too, but in the next sections, you will be able to learn why these shortcomings are something that most buyers just ignore.

Who Can Use This Jogging Stroller?

One of the most important buying factors for a jogging stroller is to determine if you can actually use it. In this section, we’ll be discussing if a tall parent can use this jogger and if a big kid can comfortably sit on it.

Babies and Toddlers

Thule Urban Glide has a weight capacity of up to 75 lbs, which makes it one of the best joggers that can accommodate big kids. It also has a sitting height of 21 inches and a shoulder width of 13.5 inches.

Based on, an average-sized 8-year old kid usually weighs from around 50 to 64 pounds. A 75-pound weight capacity is certainly more than enough.

It can be easily converted to a travel system, but you’ll have to purchase a car seat adapter separately. Once you have the car seat adapter, this jogger will be able to accommodate a surprisingly wide range of car seat models. We have compiled the list of compatible car seats below for your convenience below.


Thule Urban Glide is equipped with an adjustable handlebar. This means it can accommodate parents of different heights. In fact, you can even have your baby’s older brother or sister push the jogger by folding the handle down.

The handlebar can be adjusted from a height of 35.5 to 44 inches from the ground. Even if your husband is way taller than you, you can be sure that you can both comfortably push this jogger.

If you’re planning to go jogging on hills, the lack of handbrake may prove this jogger to be quite challenging to maneuver downhill.

It is so easy to push across the city landscape, particularly on paved surfaces or designated trails. As a matter of fact, you can bring this jogger with you if you’re going to a marathon training. That is how easy and safe it is to push even at running speed.

However, if you’re going to do off-road hiking or any other off-road activities, this jogger will not do. The tires and rear suspension are designed to accommodate gravel roads but not extremely rough terrain.

How Comfy Is The Ride?

This section is all about the features that make this Thule Urban Glide comfortable for your little one. This is another important factor to consider so your baby gets to enjoy your workout outdoors as well.



The 16-inch rear and 12-inch front tires are air-filled rubber tires, almost exactly like the ones you’d find in bikes. In fact, you can use a standard bicycle pump to add air.

The front tire can be set to lock or swivel mode, depending if you’re just planning on walking or jogging. This can be easily done by turning the lock switch on the base where the wheel is attached.

These bike tires offer ample suspension when going through rough pavements. Moreover, to take the riding comfort a step further, the rear tires each has its own suspension as well.

This makes the ride extremely smooth and comfy for your baby.

Reclining Positions

You can bring the seat down to a nearly full flat position, which is perfect for short naps. It can also be set upright, but not as full upright as other jogging strollers.

The most upright position is a little more in line with the bar on the sides. The good thing is that Thule Urban Glide more upright than BOB Revolution Flex, though.

Compared to BOB stroller, this jogger has a shallow seat. However, a lot of parents also love this setup because it allows their child to fully enjoy and experience the ride.

The seat also comes with a 5-point padded harness to keep your child safe and secure.


The sunshade can be adjusted into multiple positions that can effectively protect your baby from the sun. It has a magnetic peekaboo window that allows you to easily check on your child.

The entire canopy can be moved fully forward or backward. This allows you to keep your little one covered even if you’re running late in the afternoon when the sun is low.

Thule Urban Glide also a mesh screen at the front edge of the shade. You can drop it down to further protect your baby from the elements.

What Are The Additional Features and Designs?

Although not necessarily that essential with the ride, these additional features can help make your experience better. They can sometimes even help you decide between two very similar models.

Available Colors

Thule Urban Glide jogging stroller comes in 7 different colors to choose from. Each of these colors is very sporty, which is pretty much in line with your active lifestyle.

Compared to other brands where some colors are priced higher, this one remains the same regardless of the color you pick.

Parent Tray & Baby Tray

Thule Urban Glide does not come with both the parent tray and snack tray for the baby. You can, however, buy each of these separately.

The lack of snack tray is easily compensated by the mesh pockets on each side of the seat. This allows you to place small toys or a sippy cup for your child. Some buyers actually love that you can buy a snack tray since you can’t buy additional mesh pockets with other models.

Storage Basket

The storage basket is one of the features we love about this jogger. It is large and has lots of space to store more than a diaper bag.

The basket is zippered and water resistant, which is something you don’t normally find in other models.

Since you won’t be actually jogging on clean surfaces, this covered storage is very essential. You certainly don’t want mud or dirt accidentally clinging to your baby’s toys.

How Bulky Is This Jogging Stroller?

Although we all know that a jogging stroller is bulkier than a regular stroller, not all of them are really that big. Some are even surprisingly lighter than what you’d expect.

Folding and Unfolding

Another great feature about Urban Glide is that it’s very easy to fold. It is among one of those joggers that can be folded with one hand. It also pops back into its unfolded position just as easily.

This feature is perfect for when you want to keep hold of your equally-active child while folding the stroller.

When folded it has a dimension of 34.5 x 14 x 21 inches (L x W x H). If you’re using it with a car seat for your infant, you can actually fold this jogger together with the car seat adapter attached.


Storing and Transport

The Urban Glide is lighter than most joggers in the same tier. Weighing only 23 lbs, it is, in fact, lighter than BOB. This makes it easy to store or take out of your vehicle’s trunk. You can actually pull it up the stairs easily even when folded.

You can have this Urban Glide set to an upright position when folded. This is great if you want to store it easily in the garage or storage cabinet.

In case you need more space in your vehicle’s trunk, you can actually pop off the rear wheels easily. Thule Urban Glide is simply one of the best joggers that we recommend for everyday use.

Consumer Ratings

The Thule Urban Glide received a very high rating from reviewers on Amazon. These reviewers are people who actually bought this product. They are very much satisfied with this product especially when comparing it to the BOB jogging stroller.

The 7% of reviewers who gave it a low rating were actually disappointed because it doesn’t include a snack or parent tray. However, it is an experience that you now avoid after reading this review.

We recommend that you check other reviews on Amazon if you’re still planning to get this, but is still quite on the fence.


  • Lightweight and folds easily with one hand
  • Sleek and sporty design
  • Air-filled tires with full rear suspension for riding comfort
  • Adjustable handlebar accommodates both short and tall parents
  • Zippered and water resistant storage basket


  • Does not have a handbrake
  • Does not include a child tray upon purchase

Final Words

You’ll definitely love this Thule Urban Glide if you’re planning to jog or run within the city or suburbs most of the time. It is lightweight, folds and unfolds easily, and glides effortlessly on urban pavements. Its handlebar feature makes it one of the top joggers with handlebars that can be adjusted.

Being not as bulky as other models, you can actually use this as an everyday jogging stroller. It is also recommended for big kids. If other jogging strollers can be compared to an SUV, then Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller is your convertible sports car.

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