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Things They Don’t Tell You About Jogging Strollers

Whether you’re about to make a purchase of your first ever jogging stroller or planning to buy it as a gift, you need to know what it can (or cannot) do beforehand. Knowing these things they don’t tell you about jogging strollers can help tremendously with your experience.

For certain, you will get to know what to expect and what not to.

We created this article to give you the reality behind this type of stroller. No false advertising or marketing stuff. Just the truth so you can decide with confidence if this is the right one for you.

12 Things They Don’t Tell You About Jogging Strollers

1. Jogging strollers are heavy.

If you’re accustomed to using a regular stroller, you’ll be surprised how heavy jogging strollers can be. While some have aluminum frames which makes it lightweight than the rest, they still weigh more than 20 lbs at the very least.

However, you won’t be carrying your jogger most of the time. You’ll actually be pushing it, which is where it really stands out.

2. Joggers occupy a lot of trunk space.

Although a jogger has 1 less wheel than a regular stroller, these wheels are a lot bigger. If you add the well-designed frame, you’ll usually end up having smaller space available in your sedan’s trunk.

Fortunately, there are a lot of models today with switches that allow you to remove the rear wheels in a snap. This gives you the flexibility to adjust it so that it would fit even compact cars.

3. Jogging strollers are wider.

If you’re planning to bring your jogger with your at the mall, you can certainly do so. You and your child will love how comfortable it is to maneuver and to ride on. However, don’t expect it to fit narrow aisles in some stores.

Doing groceries at Walmart or Albertson’s would not be a problem for the most part, though. If you plan on using your jogger most of the time, be sure to pick those which are not as wide as the rest.

4. Their tires are easy to maintain.

Since the tires are like regular bicycle tires, you need to make sure that it is inflated. If you need to add more air, you can actually use a regular bike pump. These tires do not puncture easily, but very sharp and pointy objects can still damage them. Much like your car’s tires as well.

Maintaining your tires is a very small extra task to do when you have a jogging stroller. This is especially true if you consider how it helps to make pushing and riding very smooth.

5. Most have adjustable handlebars.

Jogging strollers, for one, are designed to have a single handle. Some models have straight handlebars, while others have angled for “ergonomicness”. Most high-end brands have adjustable handlebars, that easily accommodate the height of whoever is pushing the stroller.

This is a necessary convenience if you want to get more out of your workout. You exert less effort in pushing and get to have more energy for jogging.

6. You don’t need to be active to use it.

You don’t buy a 4WD SUV to go off-roading all the time, right? This goes for jogging strollers as well. Although it’s designed for active parents, you don’t actually need to be very active to use it. You might end up just having the front wheel set to swivel 90% of the time, which is as it should be for walking or strolling.

Because it gives a smooth ride even on parking lots, sidewalks or theme parks, this type of stroller is becoming popular to most parents. Whether they’re into working out or just love leisurely walks.

7. Most high-end models don’t have consoles.

With most high-end models these days, you will need to separately purchase a parent console and baby tray. This may seem to be a rip-off to some people, but the premium features of the stroller certainly make up for it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about options. There are brands which include these upon purchase, but you might end up not liking the design of the console itself.

8. Not all joggers are built for off-road.

Since you’ll not be jogging on the mall where they have very smooth flooring, jogging strollers have bike tires that can breeze through rougher terrains. But not extremely rough. There are certainly all-terrain joggers like BOB Revolution Flex which can do it.

However, some are not as effective when being pushed through beaches or off-road tracks. They are great for jogging paths, though, like in the park, gravel roads, and even dirt tracks.

9. Most can be converted to a travel system.

You don’t have to wait 6 months after delivering your baby before being active again. Most jogging strollers can easily be converted to a travel system. You will need to separately purchase a car seat adapter to make this happen. You can then conveniently attach a compatible car seat and bring your infant with you.

While this may be a good option, the best way is to purchase a complete package. There are jogging strollers that come with a car seat and adapter, sparing you from the tedious task of trying to find a compatible car seat.

10. Easy handling even with the double versions.

Some brands also offer double jogging strollers. They are the stroller of choice for active parents with twins. But did you know that they work well for infants and an older child as well? You will be surprised how it maintains the same maneuverability and comfort.

Pushing the weight of both your children and the stroller is surprisingly easy with these double joggers, especially when compared to a regular double stroller.

11. Some models can be folded with one hand.

There is no standard as to how a jogger should be folded or any type of stroller for that matter. Brands like Graco has taken this as an opportunity to offer more convenience to parents. You can fold the jogger with one hand easily, allowing you to keep hold of your child with the other hand.

There are also other brands with similar features, so be sure to check them out if this is one of your priorities.

12. Not all models are expensive.

The more popular joggers are actually the more expensive ones. Aside from the free marketing they get from people who actually love these models, they are also well-advertised. But did you know that there are those which are not as expensive but work just as great?

You can find jogging strollers from a price range of below $100 to more than 300 bucks. Sometimes, expensive doesn’t translate to a better experience and vice versa. Some of the best inexpensive jogging stroller models even have premium features.

Wrapping It Up

We do hope that you now have a much better understanding of how this type of stroller can help improve your way of life. Knowledge of these things they don’t tell you about jogging strollers will surely help to make you a savvy buyer. Be sure to check the rest of our site if you need help in choosing the right model for you and your little one.

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  1. Great article! I thought jogging strollers are just for people who are into workouts. Thanks for sharing this.

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