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Best Beach Cart 2021

There’s nothing better than a day out at the beach. What could be more relaxing than spending a day on the warm sand, under blue skies, and with a cool drink in your hand?

Those kinds of perfect days also require a LOT of stuff! We’re talking toys, umbrellas, sun cream, wipes, picnic, diaper bags, beach towels… the list never ends!

In the good old days, parents would load up the baby stroller with all the gear. Then, carrying the baby under one arm, drag the stroller through the sand.

But, thanks to beach carts, mom and dad no longer have to do this. Beach carts are by their very design sturdy, lightweight, and durable. 

There is a whole range of beach carts available on the market today. However, we recommend that whatever you choose, invest in a folding beach cart that fits inside the trunk of your vehicle. Then, when you arrive at the beach, simply open it up and fill it with all your beach gear. 

Spoiler: Our Favorite Beach Cart

We researched a range of beach carts available to buy online, and it was hard to pick the best beach wagon. But we have to say that our overall favorite is The Timber Ridge Double Decker Wagon.

It’s the only double-decker wagon that we came across, and although that may sound like a bit of a gimmick, it provides a whole lot more space. In addition, given that the lower deck also features an extendable shelf, it means that you can easily carry long, bulky items, like umbrellas and beach chairs.

If you like the sound of it and want to find out more about The Timber Ridge Double Decker Wagon, read our review below.

What to Look for in a Beach Cart

Before going all out and buying your beach cart, think about where you will use it and what you will be carrying in it. For example, you may want to consider purchasing a beach wagon rather than a cart if you have large items. 

Remember that beach carts aren’t just for the beach. Use them in the supermarket, garden, or transporting large items around your neighborhood.


If you want to use it on the beach, look for a cart that has wide wheels. Unfortunately, some cheaper models have skinny wheels, making it challenging to pull the cart across the sand. 

Wide wheels make beach use a lot easier as they don’t get stuck in the sand the way skinny wheels do.

Keep in mind the wheel material, how thick they are, and what weight they can withstand. If you’re going to be hauling a whole lot of stuff, your wheels have got to do the job. 


How much stuff will you be taking to the beach? If you’re a large family, you’ll likely have a lot of items. But if it’s just a couple of you, a smaller beach cart might be perfect. So spend some time considering what size will suit you best. When looking at the description of a beach cart, it should say what the capacity is.

Easy to use

If you are already taking a large amount of equipment to the beach, you want to go for a cart that’s not too heavy. Check to see if it’s collapsible and, if it is, how easy it is to fold. If you’re already trying to wrangle several kids, you don’t want the extra hassle of fighting with your beach cart.

Take into account transporting the cart. What size is your car, and does it have a big trunk? Remember, you’ll be hauling all of your beach gear along with the cart, so it’s no good if the cart is taking up all of the space.

What if you already have a yard cart? Do you then have to invest in a beach cart? Providing your yard cart is collapsible and has wheels suited to the beach, we see no reason why you can’t use your yard cart.

Best Beach Cart Reviews

We’ve thought long and hard about what makes a good family beach cart. We’ve done our research, and here are our recommendations and reviews of the best beach carts for 2021.

Best Beach Cart Under $100

There is so much to love about the Multi-Purpose Deluxe Beach Cart, and at just $79.99, the price is one of them.

This cart looks more like a stroller than a wagon, but don’t let that put you off as it has plenty of space for such a small design. In addition, the wide all-terrain wheels at the rear of the cart mean you can pull it over the sand without it dragging and getting stuck. 

It has space to hold all your beach gear, including your coolbox and those hard-to-carry beach umbrellas. What we love most about this cart is how small it is when folded up. So you can easily keep it in the trunk of your vehicle, ready to use over and over again.

Best Heavy Duty Beach Cart

The Timber Ridge Double Decker Wagon came out on top as the best heavy-duty beach cart. We mean, how could it not? It is a double-decker, after all!

The double-decker feature allows for oversized items that can’t fit in the wagon. In addition, the lower deck features an extendable shelf, so you can easily move longer items like umbrellas or beach chairs.

Made from a durable 600D fabric making it is easy to clean and maintain after each use. It’s one of the largest wagons that we looked at, coming in at 35.43” L × 18.9 “W × 12.6” H

The cart’s structure is a strong steel frame that allows it to carry loads up to 225lbs comfortably. It folds neatly for storage, and the handle can adjust to suit any height. In addition, the contouring on the cart’s handle makes for a comfortable grip.

Another key feature is that both front wheels offer a 360 position rotation, and with fixed back wheels, the Timber Ridge wagon stays stable on most terrains.

All Timber Ridge products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Best Beach Cart Under $150

Our favorite in this category was easy, given all the extra features of the Aquarobo cart. There are so many additional extras on this cart that it’s hard to believe the price is only $139.99.

Firstly, you can fold the cart using one hand into a neat 75cm x 56cm x 20cm. When opened, it carries up to 100 kg in weight and features a removable box at the rear that you can use to transport lighter items. The cart fabric and the outer bag are made from tough oxford cloth with a PVC coating, making it water-resistant.

One of our favorite features of this cart was the option to use a pull or push handle, depending on how you want to maneuver it. It also has a braking system, so no need to worry about it rolling away.

Best Low Cost Beach Cart

When it comes to a beach cart that ticks all the boxes but isn’t going to break the bank, we went for the Warmally Collapsible Beach Cart.

It retails at around $69.99 and what we liked about this cart, apart from the price, is its size. It has a 215L capacity, which allows plenty of room for all that essential beach equipment. 

The cart’s structure is an alloy steel frame covered with a durable, high-quality oxford fabric that is also waterproof. It comes fully assembled and features a one-finger closing system ideal when you’re wrestling the kids and all the beach stuff into the car.

In terms of weight, it comes in at 120 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight cart, and once folded, it will fit neatly into the trunk of a vehicle. 

Other Beach Carts to Consider

MacSports Collapsible Beach Wagon

If money is no object, and you want a cart that’s durable, lightweight, and looks good, we recommend the MacSports Collapsible Beach Wagon. This cart is for you if you like beach carts with big wheels for sand and outdoor terrain.

It has a heavy-duty frame that allows it to transport loads up to 150lbs and is only 10″ thick when folded. Its fabric is easy to clean and even comes with its own storage case. Aside from carrying all of your beach essentials, it also features a side table with two built-in cup holders and storage for a mobile phone.

And you’ll have no more back pain from pulling a cart that’s the wrong height for you. The handle is adjustable and telescopic, and of course, there are those chunky wheels perfect for a rolling beach cart.

Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

If anyone is an expert on beach life, it’s Tommy Bahama. The Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart not only looks the part, but it can also transport a heck of a lot of beach gear. 

It’s got the big multi-terrain wheels at the back, which by now we know are a must-have for any beach cart. It can also hold up to four beach chairs, a 48 Quart Cooler, and a beach umbrella holder. We like the removable insulated cargo bag, which includes zippered side pouches.

Overall, it offers a capacity of up to 100lbs, folds flat for storage, and has a cushioned handle for comfort.

Must Have Beach Accessories

Mamiko Cargo Net and Wagon Straps

You want to get as much in the cart as possible, but the problem is, stuff can fall out sometimes without you noticing.

Covering your wagon with this thick nylon net will prevent you from losing any of your beach equipment. Secure it over the top of your belongings using four hooks found at each corner of the net. 

For extra security, use the additional extendable wagon straps, which you can use to keep items securely tied down.

Robocup Cup Holder

It can be thirsty work relaxing on a beach, and you don’t want to put your cold drink down on the warm sand. The Robocup cup holder clips neatly to the handle of your beach cart. Use it to hold cans, sippy cups, water bottles, or any kind of drink.

It holds two cups and attaches to the cart with strong, rubberized jaws. You can even purchase accessories that allow you to connect another two drink holders to the Robocup cup holder.

Spillproof Trash Can

We’ve all been to the beach with a big picnic, only to wonder where to put all the trash. But, of course, you don’t want to put it back in the cooler, so if you’re going to go all out with the gadgets, get yourself a removable trash can.

Originally designed to be used in a vehicle, it’s easy to attach to the cart and even comes with side pockets to put wipes, sun cream, and other small essentials. Once it’s in place, put a trash bag inside, and then you’re set for your day at the beach. When you are ready to leave, remove the trash bag and deposit it in the nearest beach trash can.


What’s the ideal weight for a beach cart?

It’s crucial that your beach cart is durable but also light. You don’t want a heavy beach cart as it will be harder to handle once it’s full of all your beach equipment. We recommend looking for a cart around 120lbs — 150lbs.

Can I transport my child in a beach cart?

Beach carts are best when used for transporting beach equipment and not children. For safety, always use a stroller for your children.

How much can I carry in a beach cart?

That all depends on the capacity of your beach cart. Accessories like the cargo net and wagon straps will help you to carry any additional beach equipment. 

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