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Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger Review

Just to clear up any confusion, this is a Delta Children Jogging Stroller, not a Jeep Patriot SUV.

All jokes aside, if you are looking for a super affordable stroller that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, yet still comes with more than enough features to keep your baby safe, and to keep the both of you comfy and happy, then the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger is definitely something to check out.

It may not have four-wheel drive, but it can still roll over rough terrain with relative ease.

Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger


Delta Children is quite a popular brand as far as strollers and related baby/children’s products go, especially because it is known for providing consumers with fairly good products at fantastic prices.

For instance, this stroller, while it may not be anything super fancy or space-age, it does get the job done just fine, and it won’t drain your bank account either.

Who Can Use This Jogging Stroller?

One of the first things that you probably want to know is who this stroller is ideal for, and this applies to both the passengers and the drivers.

Babies and Toddlers

One important thing to beware of here is that the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds, which means that it is ideal for newborn babies and toddlers. It depends on the child in question, but it should be able to handle kids up to two or three years of age. Moreover, this stroller is super compatible with most car seats, thus making it ideal for very young children.


In terms of parents, we think that the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger is ideal for most. Now, it doesn’t come with any suspension or brakes, so while it is fine for jogging on flat and even ground, and even for some light bumps, it doesn’t handle steep declines or very bumpy terrain very well.

This stroller is designed for active parents who want to walk and jog a lot, particularly on fair terrain, as well as for parents who don’t want to spend a fortune on something that they will only get limited use out of.

How Comfy Is the Ride?

One of the most important parts of any stroller is how comfortable the ride is going to be for your baby, so let’s find out just how comfy the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger is.

The Canopy

Your baby will definitely appreciate how this stroller features an adjustable canopy with SPF 50, something that helps keep the cool and helps to keep the sun out of their eyes.


The Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger features a seat that can be reclined to a near-horizontal position, so your child can sit up, lay down, or anything in between. Let’s not forget that the seat itself has plenty of padding to keep your baby comfortable.

The Tires

One of the best features of this stroller are the tires. The air-filled tires are quite large and capable of absorbing some bumps without transferring the impact to your or your baby. Those air filled tires not only absorb impact, but can also handle some holes and bumps without sending you off course.


Although it’s not adjustable, you do get a foam padded handlebar here for a bit of comfort.

What Are the Additional Features and Designs?


The Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger comes in three different color styles to choose from.


This stroller features a fairly large undercarriage storage section for all of your most important essentials.

Cup Holders

You may also appreciate the dual cup holders and the tray (for holding keys, phones, and more), conveniently located on the handlebar.

Swivel Lock

To make life easier for you, the front wheel can lock into place for jogging or unlock so it can swivel, for easy walking and maneuverability.

How Bulky Is This Jogging Stroller?

If you are wondering how convenient this stroller is in terms of transportation, look no further.

Folding and Unfolding

The Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger features a one-button folding design so you can quickly fold it down to size without much effort. Unfolding it and getting it ready for use is just as fast and easy.


This stroller weighs just under 27 pounds, thus making it very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Car Seat Compatibility

Almost all infant car seats should easily fit into the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger.

Consumer Ratings

Out of a total of 551 reviews, 83% of customers gave the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger a five-star rating.


  • Good safety harness
  • SPF 50 sun canopy
  • Reclining seat with lots of padding
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Good wheels
  • Lightweight, foldable, and portable
  • Great price
  • Great overall comfort and convenience


  • No suspension
  • No brakes
  • Limited durability

Final Words

The bottom line here is that if you need a fairly good stroller that is great for walking and fine for jogging on fair terrain, then the Delta Children Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger is a great option to consider, particularly because it won’t cost you a fortune.

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