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Jogging With Baby In Carrier

Jogging with baby in carrier may seem to be right. You can do exercises, get done with chores, and a plethora of other stuff while babywearing. Definitely, using it for jogging would really be a great experience. Or is it?

Whether you’re planning to go jogging or running with your little one wrapped around you, you should read this article first. Safety is our top priority for anything that concerns our child.

In this article, you will learn the real truth behind using a baby carrier while jogging. By the time you’re done reading this, you will have a better and safer idea on how to share your outdoor experiences with your baby.

Jogging with Baby in Carrier

A baby carrier, even the popular Ergobaby, is not designed for jogging or running. It is very good for walking, though. In addition, babies have not yet fully developed their muscles to support even their own body structure, let alone the impact when you jog.

What you actually need for this type of activity is a jogging stroller. It is built specifically to give your child a comfortable and safe ride.

However, even if you have a jogger with a car seat for your infant, there is always a problem of putting down your baby in the stroller. Some of us have a little one who has very strong separation anxiety (or was it just them?). They would immediately cry when they’re out of your embrace.

This is where babywearing comes in. A baby carrier can help ease the transition to jogging with your baby. You can start your outdoor adventure by doing walks in the park using a baby carrier.

I would suggest bringing your jogging stroller with you. Doing this for a few times will allow you to plan your jogging path. By the time your child is ready to ride the jogger, you will have planned a route that is less bumpy and almost hazard-free.

Finding A Suitable Jogger

After you’re able to successfully receive a green light from your child’s pediatrician, don’t just buy the next stroller you see. You need to be meticulous and make sure that what you’re getting will serve you and your child until past their toddler years.

The factors you need to consider are as follows:

  • A jogger needs to be able to accommodate a car seat
  • You must have a compatible car seat or purchase a complete travel system
  • The jogging stroller must be durable and easy to fold/unfold
  • It must have a canopy with a large coverage but has to have a peek window too

Most people shy away from using a jogging stroller because they are known to be quite expensive. However, this is a very common misconception. You’ll be able to find a cheap jogger for less than 50 dollars.

When it comes to jogging or running, a jogging stroller is always a better choice than a regular stroller or a baby carrier.

Jogging with Baby in Carseat

Jogging with your baby in a carseat is the way to do it. However, you will still have to attach your car seat on a jogging stroller. This is the only way to do it if your baby is 5 months old or less.

Even if you have a jogger that you can fully recline, a car seat offers much better cushion and protection for an infant. As a matter of fact, there are even joggers that be purchased as a complete travel system. A car seat can keep your little one’s head and neck supported, whether you’re running or jogging.

The combination of these 2 factors are more than enough to forego using a baby carrier when you’re jogging:

  • A car seat prevents the baby’s head from jarring and is designed to support his or her neck effectively
  • A jogging stroller’s shock absorbing and front-wheel locking features ensures a smooth and safe ride

Using a car seat alone is another big no-no. Attaching it to a jogger is the way to do it.

Now some moms prefer not to use a car seat at all, but choose to use a jogging stroller when their child is nearly 1 year old. This can be an even better option.

However, some of us just couldn’t wait for several more long months before jogging outside again. A car seat on a jogger is the safest and most convenient way to do it.

Running with Baby On Back

If jogging using a baby carrier is to be avoided at all costs, then running with your baby on your back is certainly more dangerous. Even if your baby enjoys it when you carry them on your back, hopping while you walk, baby backpacks or slings are not to be used with the actual running or jogging.

While these types of baby carriers are great for hiking or walking, they are not designed to prevent jiggling or absorb the impact of running. In fact, these carriers have a few centimeters of a gap above the baby’s shoulder which will make them bounce at your every step.

Remember that running is a high-impact exercise. Your baby gets to absorb part of those force when you have him or her on your back. This doesn’t even include the fact that it is very dangerous if you end up tripping or losing your balance.

Wrapping It Up

Aside from the benefit you will get when you jog, your baby will definitely enjoy the outdoors too. However, you need to choose the right gear to carry your baby while you’re doing this activity.

Jogging with baby in carrier is uncomfortable and dangerous for your little one. Placing your child on a car seat attached to a jogging stroller is the best option you have.

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