Jogging Stroller Workout Routine

Jogging Stroller Workout Routine

Running or jogging while pushing a jogger is an already effective method in making you active once again. But did you know that you can maximize its benefits by incorporating a complete jogging stroller workout routine?

After having your child inside you for 9 months, it’s time to be fully you again. These stroller workout ideas can help you jumpstart this. Coincidentally, this is also a great way of maintaining your connection with your body while building your bond with your child as well.

With these jogger workouts, you’ll be able to refocus on your self and maintain your focus on your baby at the same time. While you can do some of the exercises with a regular stroller, for safety reasons jogging or running should be done with a jogging stroller.

Using the best jogging stroller for everyday use would be the right choice, instead of switching between a jogger and a regular stroller.

Jogging Stroller Workout Routine: The Basics

The table below shows the activities that are usually part of almost every stroller workout routine.

JoggingIncreases heart rate
LungesStretches the leg muscles
SquatsLower body stretching and training
Leg RaiseHelps target abdominal fats

Just as with any physical routine, there are always the basics. These set of movements can develop into something more intense or complicated as you progress.

Understanding these basic sets can you help you develop your own personal routine later on.

In the following sections, we present to you our list of top 5 jogger exercise routine. You may choose to alternate them or just follow those that make you feel good.

Jogging: Jogging while pushing a stroller is a great fitness routine in itself. If you’re used to doing this without a stroller, you’ll definitely notice the difference. It may be subtle at first since most joggers are designed for easy pushing, but the added effort accumulates in the long jog.

Lunges: Doing lunges and its varieties, helps to keep those muscles from tearing. It is one of the most important warm ups that runners do. Even if you’re not going to actually run, you should still do lunges before and in between jogging.

Squats: You’ll definitely be carrying your baby a lot so you’ll need to have those strong legs to support you and your little one. This is why squats are important. It also burns those unwanted leg fats that accumulated during your pregnancy.

Leg Raise: It may be easy on its own, but leg raising can prove to be quite a challenge when you’re jogging in between sets. However, this is a lot easier than doing crunches (which is something you should be doing some time later). Raising your legs gets those abdominal muscles working, effectively burning those unwanted fats in your area.

After Childbirth Easy Workout

Not all of us can get back on our feet days after delivering our baby. That is why postpartum workouts are intended as light exercises. This is the warm up routine of all routines that will follow in the next couple of months or years.

This particular routine involves just walking or brisk walking and a couple of leg raising in between. There is no jogging involved here yet. For your leg lifts, you use your jogger as light support to raise your legs alternately to the sides and rear. Remember to keep your legs straight to fully engage your abdominal muscles.

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Run & Tone

If we are to recommend the best set of workout ideas in this article, this would be it. It has cardio, strength training, flexibility, and weight loss all rolled into 3 circuits.

Each of the circuits starts with jogging or running which is essential for your cardio. Then, depending on the set you’re working on, you do a combination of lunges and squats. What we like about this routine is that it is very approachable whether you’re an expert or newbie at doing fitness exercises.

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Strength Training

Strength training is very important especially now that you’re a mom. You no longer carry just yourself but your baby as well, both figuratively and literally. Ideally, strength training at the gym can yield the best results. Since you need to be with your little one as well, these jogger exercises can really help a lot.

Just like the basics we discussed earlier, this routine involves jogs, lunges, and squats as well. However, you can take it up a notch by strengthening this arms as well. You will be adding push ups and tricep dips, perfect for park benches and paved tracks.

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Leg & Butt Plus Stamina

Each one of us develops fats in different parts of our body during pregnancy. If you’re one of those women who gain butt fats easily, this lower body fat-burning routine is for you.

In a nutshell, it alternates walks, squats, and lunges throughout your session. It may sound very simple but it can become very intense especially if you increase the number of sets and repetitions. This is very effective and you’ll definitely see results in a matter of weeks.

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Lose The Baby Weight

If you find the previous workout ideas too simple, then you should try this one. It is the most extensive routine among all of those we recommend in this article. To those who are into fitness even before they had conceived their baby, this routine will definitely satisfy your needs.

You lose weight, tone your body, perform cardio and develop strength all rolled into one workout routine. Be sure to have this handy on your phone when you go out so you never miss a set.

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Wrapping It Up

The small few years after childbirth is an experience that you wouldn’t regularly have. Doing your fitness routine with one of the best jogging stroller models that we recommend can certainly enrich this.

Did you know that you can bring your older child with you as well with a double jogging stroller like BOB Duallie?

Aside from experiencing those precious moments, you also get to experience a different kind of fitness routine. These jogging stroller exercise routine may not be as intense as the ones you get at the gym but they help can you get back into shape sooner than you expected.

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