Jogging Stroller VS Regular Stroller

Jogging Stroller VS Regular Stroller

Choosing the best stroller can be quite a chore. It’s best to sort out what type of stroller suits your lifestyle before even trying to look for a specific model.

This article is a one-on-one match between a jogging stroller vs regular stroller. It’s a blow by blow account of their characteristics and the actual benefits that they each provide.

It is our goal that by the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what a jogger or a traditional stroller can do for you. You can then start to narrow down on the specifics and be able to easily choose the best stroller for you and your child.

Jogging Stroller VS Regular Stroller: Which Is Better?

A jogger and a regular stroller allows you and your baby to have a pleasant time, whether at the mall or park, without you having to carry your baby all the time. That’s where the similarities end, though.

There is a quick way to ease yourself into this, gaining the benefits of both types of a stroller. This is by getting a hybrid version like the City Mini GT from Baby Jogger.

However, getting the full benefits of a jogger is still the better choice. Here’s a table outlining comparing these two types of stroller head on:

Jogging StrollerRegular Stroller
Has 3 air-filled rubber wheelsHas 4 hard plastic wheels
Single handlebar for one-hand operationSome has separate handlebars requiring two hands
Front wheel has lock mechanism for jogging and runningFront wheels do not lock
Smoother ride because of the suspension from the wheelsBumpier ride because of plastic wheels
Easy to push on rough terrains like gravel or grassBest for smooth surfaces only like the floors at the malls
Bulkier because of the bigger wheelsMore compact when folded

Let’s discuss their differences in the following sections to get a better understanding of which one will suit you and your little one more.

Physical Characteristics

A jogging stroller has the iconic look of having 3 wheels, one at the front and two at the back. These wheels have pneumatic tires. They are air-filled and made of rubber, similar to small bicycle tires. They offer ample suspension that absorbs shocks from moving through uneven surfaces.

Years ago, a jogger’s front wheel used to be stationary or fixed. This has been changed these days with different brands offering a swivel front wheel instead. You have an option to lock or unlock the front wheel with a simple locking mechanism.

A regular stroller, on the other hand, has two front wheels and two rear wheels. These 4 wheels have hard plastic tires. Some may have some rubber linings designed to make the ride smoother. However, it is still not enough when it rolls through rough surfaces like some of the pavements in the park.

The two front wheels are designed to swivel. This makes this stroller easy to maneuver while walking. It makes going out with your baby easier without having to carry him or her all the time. However, this same maneuverability is not actually good when moving at faster speeds. It makes this stroller not suitable for jogging or running.

Perhaps the only major disadvantage of a jogging stroller compared to a traditional one is the size. Because of its wheels are bigger, most joggers are bulkier and harder to transport. Petite moms will have to take into consideration about the dimensions when folded and the weight as well.

Fortunately, most brands have already released some models that cater to this inconvenience like the Joovy Zoom 360 ultralight jogger. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger even allows you to remove the tires when storing it in your car’s trunk.

The Stroller Experience

Another important difference to point out when it comes to these strollers is the comfort it gives to the baby while riding it.

Both of these types have padded seats and have several ways to adjust the reclining position. They also have an adjustable canopy installed to help protect the baby from direct sunlight and the wind. Parent and baby tray are also part of the standard installation of every stroller.

However, when it comes to the riding experience for the baby, a regular stroller is like an 80’s box-type car while a jogging stroller is your latest sedan.

A traditional stroller can give your little one a smooth ride, provided that the floors or terrain is smooth as well. When you go to the park or most sidewalks, that’s when you’ll notice how bumpy the ride becomes. Even with padded seats, it is still going to be a horrible experience for the child especially if you consider how fragile their body is. This terribly limits the usage of regular strollers to places where there are smooth floors only.

With a jogging stroller, the riding experience is greatly improved. The limitation with regards to where you can bring it is removed. The tires help to soften the ride on uneven surfaces. Even pushing it along the sidewalk makes it quite easy and smooth. Additionally, when you go to the mall, you’ll notice how the rubber tires give the much-needed traction on their smooth floors.

Is A Jogging Stroller Worth It?

To help you better understand if buying a jogging stroller is worth it, we decided to answer 2 of the most important and most frequently asked questions about strollers today.

Can You Use A Jogger Even If You Don’t Jog?

This is what makes buying a jogging stroller more practical than a regular one. With the ability to lock or unlock the front wheel, you can use your jogging stroller whether you’re running in the park or walking at the mall.

Gone are the days that a jogging stroller only has a fixed front wheel. When you’re not going to jog or run, you can allow the front wheel to swivel, which offers greater maneuverability compared to having 2 front wheels.

Can You Jog With A Regular Stroller?

You can certainly jog with a regular stroller provided you can make the front wheels stationary. However, this doesn’t make it any better for your baby. And of course, our baby’s safety and comfort come first.

The ride will remain to be uncomfortable for the baby if you plan to use a regular stroller on uneven surfaces. It will end up such a grueling experience for the child that you’ll end up not being able to jog at all. You’ll be spending most of your time consoling and taking care of your already irritated little one.

Wrapping It Up

A jogging stroller may be made for joggers, but it is not restricted to those people who jog or run. It is designed for those who want to give their child a comfortable ride. It is also created for those who want to have the flexibility to walk, jog or run at almost anywhere they want, without having to worry about uneven surfaces.

In this match between a jogging stroller vs regular stroller, a jogging stroller wins unanimously. Once you start using a jogger, you’ll certainly never go back to the traditional ones.

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