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Jogging Stroller Age Limit

Knowing a jogging stroller age limit is essential in keeping your baby safe from harm. You certainly don’t want an equivalent of a car crash accident with your baby on board a stroller.

Even if you have a jogging stroller, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe for your child to use regardless of age.

Manufacturers recommend that you use a jogging stroller only for babies 6 months and older. But did you know that you can actually use your jogger for your infant who’s actually 6 months younger?

Jogging Stroller Age Limit: How Young Is Safe?

If you’ve been browsing online for some time already, you will notice that not all parents adhere to the rule of thumb of 6 months-and-older.

While most brands set this as a limitation, there are ways to actually circumvent this and be able to enjoy a leisurely walk or light jog in the park with your newborn. But first, let’s take a closer look on why such limitation is enforced.

6-Months And Older

Looking closely at a baby’s stages physical development, a 1-month-old infant still has a weak neck. It is unable to fully support the weight of his or her head at this stage.

Furthermore, a baby this young has a sense of sight that is not yet fully developed. He or she will not yet be able to appreciate the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

It is during between the age range of 4 to 7 months that a baby can hold his or head. By this time you should be more comfortable in having him or her strap on the stroller seat. It is still not recommended to switch the seat to an upright position, though.

This is actually the reason why it is much safer for a child who is 1/2 year old to lay down in a jogger. While they cannot sit upright on their own, their neck and spine are strong enough to support their own weight with minimal support.

Is It Safe For Newborns?

Some of us just couldn’t wait to start being active again. While it is not advisable to start doing strenuous workouts weeks after delivery, you may start with simple strolls in the park.

The trick to using your jogging stroller this early is with a car seat. As you may already know, these seats are specifically designed to support an infant’s neck.

With most joggers nowadays, you can easily attach a car seat provided you also buy a separate attachment accessory.

The Upper Limit: How Old Is Still Safe?

A jogger is a preferred choice for most parents these days when it comes to choosing the type of stroller. This is primarily because of these 2 main reasons:

  1. It is so easy to push regardless of the terrain
  2. It is very comfy for the little one to ride because if the added suspension system

Considering these reasons, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to use this stroller past your kid’s toddler years?

That is why it is quite normal for parents to go asking if there exists a jogging stroller for a 5-year-old kid, or sometimes older.

A Better Way To Check

However, instead of asking for the age limit, it is better to ask for the maximum weight capacity and height limit. For one, not all kids of the same age have the same weight and height.

A jogger has a weight limit of either 50 lbs or 75 lbs. We have yet to discover a model with a weight limit that falls in between or above these two. This means that they have become a standard per se.

To better check, if your child is still safe to use a jogger, you may use the table below as a reference.

BirthWeight6.7 – 8.1 pounds6.5 – 7.8 pounds
Length19.1 – 20.1 inches18.9 – 19.8 inches
3 monthsWeight13.0 – 15.2 pounds11.8 – 14.0 pounds
Length23.6 – 24.7 inches23.0 – 24.1 inches
6 monthsWeight16.2 – 18.8 pounds14.8 – 17.5 pounds
Length26.1 – 27.2 inches25.3 – 26.5 inches
12 months
Weight19.8 – 22.9 pounds18.2 – 21.4 pounds
Length29.2 – 30.5 inches28.5 – 29.8 inches
24 months
Weight24.8 – 28.9 pounds23.3 – 27.5 pounds
Length33.8 – 35.4 inches33.2 – 34.9 inches
5 years
(big kid)
Weight37.5 – 44.7 pounds36.3 – 44.0 pounds
Length41.7 – 44.2 inches41.3 – 43.8 inches
6 yearsWeight41.9 – 50.6 pounds40.8 – 50.0 pounds
Length44.2 – 46.9 inches43.9 – 46.7 inches
7 yearsWeight46.5 – 56.8 pounds45.6 – 56.6 pounds
Length46.6 – 49.5 inches46.5 – 49.4 inches

You can check the complete version of this table at

It is also worth mentioning that the weight limit does not dictate the price. You will find some models with 75-pound maximum weight capacity priced much lower than those with 50 lbs.

With regards to the maximum height limit of the largest jogger we have researched, that would be 47 inches. A child taller than this will not have a comfortable time sitting on a jogger for too long. In fact, his head will be hitting the canopy when it’s pulled forward.

Jogging Stroller for 5 Year Old

Based on the table above, you can be certain to find a jogger even for a big kid. The BOB Revolution Flex 2016 is one model that has a weight capacity of up to 75 lbs.

Most of the models have a double stroller version. It is not only great for twins but for those who want to bring both their 4-year-old child and infant on their workouts.

Wrapping It Up

With the information we have provided in this article, it is more likely that your child will outgrow the jogger not because of their weight but because of their height. If we are going to actually place a fixed number on the jogging stroller age limit, then that would be 6 years old.

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