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Jogging Stroller Accessories

We have yet to see a jogger that has all the add-ons included upon purchase. While that still remains to be an impossibility, these jogging stroller accessories can certainly help to improve your entire experience.

What you’ll find in this article is a list of the best universal stroller accessories that goes well with almost any jogger model.

Even if you have the best jogging stroller that is right for you, you can never go wrong with these add-ons. They are not only good for you, but for your little one as well. As a matter of fact, some of them are even better than the stock parts of your jogger.

11 Jogging Stroller Accessories You Can’t Pass Up

Toogli Stroller Hooks


You know that your jogger has more capacity to carry weight when your baby is not even to close weighing 50 or 75 lbs. With these hooks, you no longer are restricted into just bringing bags that you can fit inside the storage basket. In fact, some high-end brands don’t even have enough space to accommodate a medium-sized diaper bag.

Compared to velcro straps or plastic connectors, these hooks are made of aircraft grade aluminum material. Now, you can bring a bigger diaper bag or even go grocery shopping after your workout.

Pram Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer


We all know for a fact that some joggers, even high-end ones, do not have a parent tray included when purchased. While it may be a big letdown to some, others prefer to see this in a more positive light. It offers versatility since they can actually get the parent tray that will suit their needs.

This semi-universal stroller organizer from Pram Strollers has a lot of zippered compartment perfect for your phone, keys, etc. You can also bring a book with you with this organizer. The drink holder is deep to accommodate most cups and is insulated as well.

Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer


If you want a cheaper yet equally functional stroller organizer, we recommend this Grab & Go Stroller Organizer from Skip Hop. It has an adjustable strap that fits most jogging strollers including BOB and Joovy. The handbag-inspired design allows you to easily store a book, keys, purse, etc.

This organizer also comes with zippered compartments so you can safely place your cell phone. The opening for headphone cord allows you to use your phone hands-free while jogging or strolling. The cup holders are deep and insulated as well.

Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support


Bringing your infant with you on a jogging stroller certainly, requires that a car seat is used. Sometimes, the car seat’s support may not be enough. You might also prefer to give your baby more cushion even when he or she is already able to lie down on the stroller seat.

This Snuzzler Infant Support is the accessory that you’ll need. It is made of cotton and has a reversible fabric for extra warmth or to make it cooler for the baby. This infant support is designed to accommodate infants of any size, including preemies.

VicTsing Wireless Speaker


Not all jogging strollers are like the Schwinn Turismo Jogger, which includes a speaker upon purchase. While an external speaker is not that essential, it still helps the enrich the entire experience outdoors.

You can play some soothing music for your little one. Some babies actually love music at such an early age. It keeps them well entertained and helps you to focus more on shedding those pregnancy pounds.

SkyGenius Clip-on Fan for Strollers

Summer may be a perfect time to go strolling, but sometimes the weather can be very fickle. The outside air can sometimes become very hot and humid. Having a small portable fan on your stroller can certainly help to keep your baby cool regardless.

The battery operated small fan can be easily attached to the jogger’s handlebar, canopy, or child tray. It has a high-quality motor which produces a very low noise. You can have it turned on for 6 straight hours on the lowest speed setting.

Gate Check Pro XL Double Stroller Travel Bag

If you’re planning to go on vacation with your family and are planning to bring your jogger, you will need to this XL Double Stroller Travel Bag from Gate Check Pro. This bag will make sure that the stroller remains clean and free of dirt while in the loading bay or while being transported to the plane’s cargo hold.

It is made of nylon material that is both light and durable. You certainly don’t want to have scratches on your jogger when you arrive at your destination. The size is big enough to accommodate even double jogging strollers.

GoSmart XL Stroller Bag


The GoSmart XL Stroller Bag is another travel bag perfect your jogging stroller, whether single or double. It is pretty much made of the same material as that of Gate Check Pro. However, it’s design allows you to personalize your bag by writing your name on the white box under the logo.

This bag also has a backpack strap for easy carrying while you’re still waiting to check in. It is made of 100% waterproof material so you can be sure that your jogger remains clean and dry during your and after the flight.

AerGun Mini Bike Pump

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As you already know, jogging strollers have air-filled pneumatic tires which makes it easy to use even of rough terrains. Like all other bike tires, you also need to make sure that they remain properly inflated.

Since it is very small, you can bring it with you all time stored in the corner of your storage basket. It comes with an accurate pressure gauge to make sure you maintain the recommended 20 to 40 psi for jogging stroller tires.

Jeep Mosquito Net for Jogger Stroller

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Depending on where you live, going outdoors is not actually bug-free in most places. You will need to keep your baby protected from insect bites. It may just be small red sore to you but these bites may turn out to be fatal to your little one.

This mosquito net from offers complete coverage for your baby while on board a jogger. It is designed to fit most single jogger strollers.

IntiMom SunShade for Strollers


If what you’re looking for are additional protection for your child from the sun and the wind, this sun shade from IntiMom certainly fits your requirement. It is SPF 30 grade which guards against 97% of UVB rays while being see-through at the same time. Your little one will continue to enjoy the view while being protected.

It is true that some joggers have a canopy that can be extended to offer almost full coverage, however, some do not. This universal stroller accessory can help fill that gap.

Wrapping It Up

This is by no means a complete list of jogging stroller accessories available in the market today. There are also seat covers, handlebar mittens for winter, etc. However, this list will certainly help you get started into thinking for more amazing items you can add to your jogger for a more tailor-made experience.

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