Essential Jogging Stroller Accessories

Do you love to bring your baby along for the ride when you go running, jogging, or walking? Then you’ll also love our round-up of the latest jogging stroller accessories.

These handy jogging stroller add-ons do more than just look good. They make exercising easy, safe, and more comfortable for you and your child. These accessories are a perfect addition to your stroller when you are out and about or running your regular errands.

So parents, if you want less stress and more fun adventures when out with your jogging stroller, take a look at these accessories.

Our Favourite Must-Have Jogging Stroller Accessory 

Liuliuby Stroller Organizer

Screen Shot 2021 05 31 at 2.51.12 PMir?t=gcctstorkifie 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07L1GZ5PWThere are many stroller organizers on the market. What makes this organizer by liuliuby stand out from the crowd is the genius easy access to baby wipes. Situated at the front of the organizer is a wipes pocket that allows you to insert your favourite wipes. You can grab a wipe for the front opening without having to open the organizer or even stop the stroller!

The organizer has ample storage for your cell phone, keys, diapers or other essential supplies for you and your child.

Another great feature is you can remove the inner walls of the organizer. This feature gives you options for customizing the main compartment how you want it. The organizer is made from durable and waterproof neoprene fabric. At 14″ wide x 5″ tall x 4″ deep, it gives you plenty of room for all those essentials.

For this reason this our favorite of all the jogging stroller accessories here!

Our Favourite Luxury Item for Mom & Dad

Stroller Fan

It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to luxury stroller items—introducing a battery-operated stroller fan.

Nobody actually needs this item, but come on, wouldn’t it be lovely to have! Transform your baby jogger into the Rolls Royce of strollers.

The fan is straightforward to fit onto the handle of your stroller using a flexible tripod. When it’s attached, angle the fan head for that perfect breeze. Great for cooling you down while running or walking with your stroller. 

And if the baby gets too hot, remove the fan from the stroller handle and fit it to the safety bar of the stroller. Don’t worry about keeping inquisitive fingers safe. The fan features a safety cover to keep tiny fingers out. 

Stroller Cell Phone Holder

from Sheer Living

Screen Shot 2021 05 31 at 2.59.27 PMYou have a cell phone holder on your car and your bicycle, so why not have one on your stroller!

When we first saw this, we thought, great, we can watch YouTube while grocery shopping! Of course, we would never recommend you do that… but it is tempting.

Seriously though, this cell phone holder is perfect for when you are doing your shopping. You can glance at your shopping list without holding your phone in one hand. Or when you’re out walking somewhere new, and you want to check the directions.

It’s a clever piece of kit. After all, nowadays, we rarely go anywhere without our phones. This gadget makes your cell accessible even when pushing a stroller. 

The universal fitting attaches to any stroller handle, and it holds pretty much any phone securely. 

Ride-On Board

Britax Stroller Ride On Board

Screen Shot 2021 05 31 at 3.06.23 PMIf you have an older child traveling with you, an excellent addition to any baby jogger is a stroller board. It is a fun way for older children up to 50 pounds to travel safely with you and their young sibling.

The Britax stroller board attaches to most strollers. The three wheels design and suspension system provide a stable base for children. 

We also like the adjustable height on this stroller board. This feature allows you to adapt it to accommodate your child’s height as they grow. 

LED Safety Lights

Blitzu Safety Lights for Strollers

These safety lights are the perfect accessory for your running stroller. If you find yourself out after dark with the stroller and want to be sure the traffic can see you. 

The lights are battery-operated and weather-resistant. They fit onto your stroller with velcro straps, making them easy to remove when necessary. 

These lights are a must-have accessory. They keep you and your child visible and safe in low light and poor weather. 

Rain Cover

GOOVI Universal Rain Cover

A rain cover is an essential accessory for any running stroller or baby jogger. Even if you leave the house in fine weather, there’s no guarantee that it will stay dry.

The clever design of this rain cover means it fits most strollers. It’s constructed from cotton and linen, and the Nano Coating gives it a waterproof finish. This cover helps to protect your child from poor weather, dust, and even insects.

It attaches to the stroller via a hook and elastic system. As it’s a cotton cover, it’s more breathable than plastic. It also includes a side ventilation system. Your baby stays warm and dry without feeling stuffy and uncomfortable.

Our favourite thing about this stroller cover is the removable front panel. This clever zipped section allows you easy access to your child.

A Hook for all Your Bags & Shopping

The Mommy Hook

Screen Shot 2021 06 01 at 1.06.17 PMLet’s face it, pushing a stroller means you’ve no hands free for carrying bags. The mommy hook is a super simple solution. 

Made from heavy-duty aluminum and a slide-proof foam grip, it fits almost all strollers. Hang your grocery bags, child’s accessories, a handbag or shopping bags. Leave your hands free to push the stroller.

Our top tip when using this product. Remember to remove your bags from the stroller before taking your child out. Otherwise, the weight of the bags may cause the stroller to tip back.

Snack and Drink Holder

Munchkin Brica Deluxe Snack Pod

Screen Shot 2021 06 01 at 1.10.33 PMThis super cool snack pod keeps your child’s snacks and drinks within reach at all times. 

It’s easy to attach to your 3 wheel stroller or car seat, and the self-closing lid is our favourite feature. It stops snacks from dropping on the floor or all over your child and the stroller!

Cleaning it couldn’t be easier. Just unclip the snack pod and throw it in the dishwasher. 

Toys - Keep Your Passenger Occupied!

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

Screen Shot 2021 06 01 at 1.17.23 PMYou’ve got the snacks for your child. You’ve packed the diaper bag, filled the sippy cup with their favourite drink. You’re all ready to go!

But what about something to keep them occupied? Could you bring along their favourite toy? But, there’s always the danger they will throw it from their stroller and lose it forever. 

What you need is a toy that you can attach to the stroller. The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy does precisely that. It features bright colours and a range of activities. Your child will be happy and entertained while you are out and about. 

Travel Activity Tray

Kenley Kids Travel Tray

For children over the age of 12 months, the Kenley Kids Travel Tray is a brilliant accessory to add to your stroller. It keeps creative kids entertained while out and about in their strollers.

The travel tray allows your child easy access to their snacks, books, crafts or tablet. This particular tray is entirely portable. You can set it up anywhere. For example, when you’ve finished your errands and return to the car, remove the tray and fit it onto your child’s car seat. Your child can then continue with their activities. 

The tray works brilliantly in the car or a high chair as well as a stroller. 

Stroller Handlebar Extension

Do you find that the height of your stroller is all wrong, and pushing it leaves you with back pain? Or would you prefer to have the option of pushing your stroller with one hand?

A handle extension bar might be the answer. It fits easily onto the existing handle without the need for tools. It adds extra height to the handle. This attachment makes the stroller easier to handle for taller parents, which helps reduce back pain. 

The universal extension bar also increases the space at the back of the stroller. This is an excellent feature as it allows the extra room needed for stroller boards.

Stroller Cup Holder

Universal Cup Holder from Accmor

Screen Shot 2021 06 01 at 1.32.28 PMWhen you’re out on a walk, you want easy access to your water bottle. So it makes sense to invest in a cup holder for your stroller. 

These cup holders are super convenient and offer a secure place to store your drinks when out and about—designed to fit most travel mugs, cups, or water bottles. They adjust to any angle and come with a clamp that fits easily to the handle of your stroller. 

Sippy Cup Straps

Sippy Cup Straps

How often does your child throw their sippy cup from their stroller? If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably lost count. Not to mention the number of sippy cups that you’ve lost because you’ve no idea where your child threw them!

But that problem is a thing of the past, thanks to these genius sippy cup straps. Designed by a mom, they are such a simple idea and yet so effective. 

The straps feature a button lock system rather than velcro, which can detach easily. The strap itself is washable, hardwearing and water-resistant polyester. Once attached to the stroller, you insert the bottle on the other end and lock it into place.

When you start using these straps, you’ll be looking for other things to attach to the stroller!


Will these Jogging Strollers Accessories fit my stroller?

The accessories featured here are all universal fittings. However, if you are unsure, please check with the manufacturer of your stroller.

How safe are these accessories?

All the accessories passed rigorous safety checks. If you are concerned, please check with the manufacturer of the product.

Do I need all these accessories?

These accessories are designed with comfort, convenience and ease. Once you start using the accessories, you’ll find that you never go out without them.

How do I order these jogging stroller accessories?

All the accessories featured are available to buy from Amazon.

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