Can I Jog With A Regular Stroller

Can I Jog With A Regular Stroller?

Now that you’re ready to go back into making yourself fit once again, can you actually use a regular stroller to jog? Whether it’s a hand-me-down or a gift from your baby shower, sometimes all you have is a regular stroller.

This is actually a good question after all a stroller is a stroller regardless of what type or design. Well, those were my thoughts when I was on my way to becoming a new member of the new-moms club. I could never be more wrong, though.

Fortunately for you, you’ll never have to go strolling blind with these strollers. In this article, we are going to get to know more about what these ingenious baby carriers, and ultimately determine if you can jog with a regular stroller.

Difference Between A Jogging and Regular Stroller

There are different types of strollers, from umbrella to joggers to complete travel system. This doesn’t even include double ones for twins, or those that come with stands or seats to so that you toddler can ride along with your baby.

However, since your concern is with regards to getting fit again by brisk walking, jogging or even running, we’re going to hone down on the differences between a jogging stroller and a standard one.

Joggers, another more easy term of jogging strollers, are essentially built and design for those who jog. It’s a very descriptive name indeed. It’s most distinguishing characteristic is its three air-filled rubber wheels, similar to bike tires. There are two wheels at the rear and one at the front.

Since these tires are filled with air, they all function as shock absorbers for uneven surfaces. Some manufacturers even install additional shock absorptions on the rear wheels for added comfort for the baby.

Obviously, this is a very important factor since you won’t be running or jogging on smooth pavement all the time. I’ve yet to see a jogging path that is as smooth as the floors we normally have at the mall.

A regular or standard type of stroller, on the other hand, has 4 wheels. Two small wheels on the front and back. Most of the wheels are made of hard plastic, while some high-end brands have hard rubberized tires.

These strollers are great for malls or strolling in the park. However, you will have to stay on the pavement when at the park, unless you intentionally want to give your little one a fun and bumpy ride at that moment.

Can You Run Or Jog With A Regular Stroller?

However, if you’re planning to bring your little one with you while you’re jogging or running, a non-jogging stroller can be very risky for you and your baby. Even if you’re just going at a normal pace on rough roads, regular strollers are still not a good choice. Here are the 3 major disadvantages:

  • Uncomfortable ride on rough terrains
  • Small wheels can get stuck easily
  • Front wheels may cause you to turn abruptly

The ride is very uncomfortable for your little one if you end up going through rough terrains like gravel or dirt paths. You’ll just end up tending to your crying and already-irritated baby instead of going through your workout.

It can be very hard to push as the small wheels can get lodged into small uneven parts of the road. This is very unsafe for the baby if you end up to stop suddenly when the wheels get stuck.

With no way to lock the two front wheels, there is a big risk for them to turn suddenly. This can cause you whiplash-like injuries when it happens while you’re moving at a jogging speed; worst if you’re running. Worst case scenario is that your baby gets thrown away as well.

A standard 4-wheeled stroller is definitely great when you’re walking or when you’re touring. It is both sturdy and comfortable for the baby. Brisk walking should not be a problem as well but can prove to be a challenge.

The two front wheels may not be fixed, but they are designed to swivel together depending on where you’re turning. This allows you to easily steer it when crisscrossing lots of people when you’re at a theme park. When going shopping, it handles far superior to the clunky grocery carts, that’s for sure.

Why a Jogging Stroller Is A Better Choice

Once upon a time, a jogger’s front wheel is designed to be fixed at a stationary position. It doesn’t turn. It may be good for moving at faster speeds, but making a turn can be very frustrating. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore.

The front wheel can be both locked and unlocked easily adjusting a switch under the wheel itself. Some high-end brands even have their switch located on the handlebar, so you wouldn’t have to bend down if you decide to run or walk.

With so many models available on the market today, you can definitely have a lot of choices depending on your priorities. There are those that can accommodate big kids even past 5 years of age. There are also models with adjustable handlebars so that parents of different heights can use it comfortably.

Getting one that you can use every day is definitely worth it, especially since it can be used as a regular stroller as well. In fact, it maneuvers a lot easier than the standard ones. Once you get to experience the ease of steering and pushing a jogging stroller, you’ll definitely not go back to the 4-wheeled version.

Wrapping It Up

You definitely need a jogging stroller for jogging. In my book, there’s just no option to jog with a regular stroller. The risks involved are just too much. Personally, I’d rather just have walks in the park if I don’t have a jogger.

It is very important that we stay fit and healthy while we’re raising our child. Wouldn’t it be best to do this while your baby is enjoying the ride safely as well? What are your thoughts and experiences with joggers?

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