Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

Is Worth Buying Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller? (Detailed Review)

Baby Trend Expedition has a very affordable price tag for a jogging stroller. What’s surprising is that it’s not lacking in terms of safety and performance.

So what exactly is the catch?

In this review, you’ll learn what experience you and your little one will get and what you are missing out in purchasing a jogger this cheap.

You’ll come to understand if this is something you should stay away from or is it worth more than its cost.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review


The strollers from the Baby Trend Expedition product line are known to be lightweight and cheap. It comes with a number of colors to choose from, including the Bubble Gum color choice in the image above.

If you want to bring both of your child with you, you can certainly do so with its double version. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best double jogging stroller models that we recommend here at Storkified.

It has 3 large bicycle tires, one at the front and two at the back. The front wheel can be locked or allowed to swivel. It also has a large canopy and a fully adjustable reclining padded seat. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of an Expedition Jogger Stroller is that it can accommodate compatible Baby Trend car seats, which can easily convert it to a travel system.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the features of this jogging stroller and expand on how they actually benefit you and your little one. Of course, we will also be pointing out any issues or disappointments you might encounter.

Who Can Use This Jogging Stroller?

It’s important to understand not just the weight capacity of a stroller but when can your child safely use it, as well as up to what age? It is also important if you, the parent, can become comfortable with using it as well? Will it be too large for you to push?

Babies and Toddlers

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger stroller is designed to be used by children from 6 months of age. As long as your toddler is not more than 50 pounds or the height is no more than 42 inches, they should be able to comfortably and safely use this stroller. This would mean that it can be used by kids up to 5 years of age unless they are bigger than average.

If you want to use Baby Trend Expedition for your baby who is no more than 6 months old yet, you can actually do so by using a car seat. Compared to most joggers, you can easily convert this to a travel system with the Baby Trend Flex-Loc or Inertia Car Seats. However, the car seat is sold separately.

In case you want to purchase a car seat as well, we recommend that you get the travel system version of this model. It’s actually one of our top-rated in our article of the best jogging stroller with car seat.


The handlebar for Expedition is not adjustable, but its height can allow even a 6’3” tall person to push it comfortably. Compared to most traditional strollers, the handlebar is not actually separated. This allows you to push this jogging stroller easily with just one hand, without straining your wrist.

How Comfy Is The Ride?

A jogger can surely help you to start getting fit again even just weeks after delivery, but it is also equally if not more important, that your little one is comfortable riding it.



Baby Trend Expedition Jogger has tires made of rubber. They are air-filled and are very similar to the tires used in bicycles. Compared to a regular stroller, they provide a much better maneuverability especially on sidewalks or slightly uneven pavements. You can definitely take this with you while jogging in the park.

However, Expedition is not built for small hikes or off-road walking. It does not have enough features to cushion the bumpiness of dirt trails.

This model is still great for everyday jogging, though.

It’s a lot better than and safer than using a regular stroller for jogging, or even walking.

Reclining Positions

The Expedition Jogger is designed with a multi-position reclining padded seat. It has a fully adjustable 5 point safety harness and tether strap. The seat is able to recline all the way back with the use of the standard drawstring, to allow your child to sleep comfortably.

If you want your child to sit up straight, you can adjust the seat to an almost 90 degrees angle. This is actually an optimal angle especially considering your child’s current body proportions.


The canopy is adjustable and has a sunroof screen to block the sun and the wind. The screen also allows you to quickly peek at your child from behind the stroller. You can also adjust the canopy to cover the front, although it leaves about 2 inches of space between the canopy and the baby tray.

What Are The Additional Features and Designs?

Do you have specific color preferences? How about the parent tray functionalities and design? These may seem trivial but they’ll eventually become a big part of your jogging routine.


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is big enough to store a small baby bag or small toys. Don’t expect a very large space to fit in more items like a diaper bag, though.

The bottom of the storage is not made of a hard surface. If you intend to place lots of heavy stuff in it, it will eventually sag and might even get damaged if it hits the road during your jogging sessions.

Take note, though, that in case your little one made a mess in his or her seat, do not expect to be able to remove the seat covers and just toss them in the laundry. The covers cannot be removed so you’ll need to hose and brush it instead.


Parent Tray/Baby Tray

The parent tray has 2 cup holders, a standard for every stroller, which is deep enough to hold most drinks. It also has a small storage compartment to safely tuck away your phone or keys. It has a closing lid so you’re sure that your keys are safe.

The baby tray also has 2 shallow cup holders on either end, which also acts as holding mechanism to quickly attach a compatible car seat. Expedition’s baby tray can also be lifted to the side, unhooked and removed completely.

How Bulky Is This Jogging Stroller?

This buying factor is often overlooked by most people. You will need to consider if you can easily lift the jogging stroller from the trunk of your vehicle, and fold and lift the stroller back when storing it.

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Folding and Unfolding

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is designed to be folded easily using the trigger activated mechanism on either end of the handle bar’s metal shaft. This makes the operation effortless for quick and easy storing.

However, you will not be able to fold it with just one hand so your other hand can safely hold your child. There are certainly other joggers available in the market which you can easily fold with one hand, like the Graco FastAction models if you have the budget for it.

Storing and Transport

The Baby Trend Expedition model has a dimension of 24”W x 47”L x 41”H when folded, which can fit in nicely in the trunk of a mid-sized sedan like Toyota Camry. If you need more space in your trunk, you can easily remove the wheels too.

The jogging stroller by itself weighs around 27 pounds, which is quite lightweight compared to other models. Most moms, even new moms, should be able to easily lift it and in and out of the trunk. Additionally, its being lightweight makes it easier to steer and maneuver.

Consumer Ratings

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller received an extremely high rating from around 900 Amazon customers who reviewed it. 90% of these customers were very satisfied with it. They especially love how it’s very easy to handle and very light to transport. It does the job done even for such a low price.

Most of the customers who gave it a low rating was due to their bad experiences with the tires. They either received an almost defective tire or it got worn out easily. The tires, together with the tubes, are not covered by warranty. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence as only a very small number of customers experienced this.

We strongly encourage you to check the rest of the Amazon customer reviews before making a purchase. It will surely help you further decide if this is the right jogging stroller for you and your baby.


  • Folds easily with a simple trigger mechanism
  • Lightweight, making it easy to remove and store in the trunk especially for new moms
  • Covered compartment on the parent tray keeps your keys and cell phone safe
  • Can be reclined at full 180 degrees so your child can sleep comfortably
  • One of the cheapest jogging strollers


  • Folding operation involves two hands
  • Warranty does not cover the tires

Final Words

The Expedition Jogger Stroller performs surprisingly well for its price. You do get what more than what you’ll pay for. In fact, it’s one of the best inexpensive jogging stroller on the market today.

It’s lightweight and easy to fold. The bicycle wheels make it very maneuverable and absorb light shocks from uneven surfaces. The adjustable seat and canopy make the ride even more comfortable for your little one.

Not everyone has enough budget for high-end models so Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is an excellent answer for that. There’s no more excuse for delaying your getting back in shape.

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