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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

Are you looking for a jogging stroller that is lightweight, not bulky at all? The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is one of your great options. For starters, its wheels are not as large.

This hybrid stroller is for parents who don’t really jog but would like to have the same convenience and comfort of a full-fledge jogger.

In this article, we will be highlighting all the features of this hybrid stroller, and expand them in detail. By the end of this review, you should be able to clearly decide if this model is for you.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

First of all, let’s get things straight with this product. The Baby Jogger 2016 Citi Mini GT is not a jogging stroller, despite the brand name. It is a stroller with the convenient features of a jogger, but it is not designed for jogging or running.

It shines the most if you compare it with a regular stroller.

City Mini GT outranks the standard types by being very easy to push, even on rough surfaces like uneven pavements or gravel. It makes every ride smooth for your child, as long as you don’t go at a faster speed.

This stroller is actually an upgraded version of the City Mini model from the same brand. The GT version’s most notable improvements are better wheels, higher weight capacity, and an adjustable handlebar. These literally come with a price because City Mini GT is more expensive.

Who Can Use This Jogging Stroller?

In this section, you will learn this stroller can be used by infants or by big kids. You’ll also have a clear picture on what to expect as a parent when using this product.


Babies and Toddlers

Baby Jogger City Mini GT has a weight capacity of up to 65 lbs. It also has a maximum head height of up to 26 inches is actually high. This stroller can easily accommodate even tall toddlers. In fact, most 5-year-olds should be able to still ride this comfortably.

While it cannot accommodate an infant, you can still use this stroller for your baby provided you use it with a car seat. However, you will need to purchase a separate car seat adapter for this. The good news is that once you have the adapter setup, you are not restricted to just using a car seat from the same brand.

Not everyone is comfortable with using car seats, though. Fortunately, you can also use an infant insert with this stroller, which can hold and support the baby’s head better. As a matter of fact, this is a lot easier to set up than clipping a car seat.



2 of the best features that this hybrid stroller adapted from a full-fledged jogging stroller is the adjustable handlebar and the “all-terrain” tires.

With a handlebar that can be adjusted easily, it can accommodate parents of varying heights. This is an important choice for petite moms and tall dads. A 5’ mom can easily push this stroller without having to strain their shoulder, while a 6’ dad doesn’t need to hunch over.

The wheels are a lot smaller than what you’ll find with true joggers, but they are still a lot better than regular strollers. You should be able to effortlessly push this even on uneven pavements.

However, if you’re planning to go jogging or running with this jogger you’ll get disappointed. It doesn’t perform as great. If you’re into running, you can always go with Thule Urban Glide.

How Comfy Is The Ride?

Another important buying factor is the comfort in pushing and riding a stroller. You will learn from this section the features that contribute to having a great (or disappointing) experience with this model.


The most obvious thing that anyone would notice about this stroller is the size of the wheels. All of the wheels are of the same size and a lot smaller. They are only slightly larger than the regular strollers.

Baby Jogger Citi Mini GT makes use of Forever-Air tires. They are made of rubber but are not air-filled. Instead, they are inflated with a lightweight foam. This makes them better shock absorbers than the hard plastic tires from regular strollers.

In addition, you will never experience a flat tire even if you often have to go through rough terrain.

City Mini GT may not be great for jogging because of the small tires, but they make it easy to store and transport. It reduces its size allowing the stroller to fit most store aisles.


Reclining Positions

Your child can be kept safe and comfy on this stroller with padded seats and a 5-point harness. It can go to an almost full flat position so your little one can take naps during long walks.

It does not go into full upright position, though. It’s not a big issue for most kids as they just sit upright. If you want this feature, we recommend that you check Chicco Tre Performance jogger.


City Mini GT has a large canopy that makes it look like a true jogging stroller. The UV 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted to multiple positions and has very good coverage. In fact, parents in up north loved how it can effectively block the Alaskan sun.

Depending on the car seat you attach, you can either fold the canopy all the way back or get it fully extended. It’s a very good feature if you want to give your baby some privacy as he or she sleeps.

It also has a peekaboo window (which uses Velcro) to check on your little one every now and then.

What Are The Additional Features and Designs?

The additional features of this stroller are pretty much like those of joggers. In fact, it even has the same limitation as those typically found on premium jogging strollers.

Available Colors

Color Options

City Mini GT is available in 7 colors. The cost of the product changes depending on the color you choose, with black being the cheapest most of the time.

Black color may be universal and cheap but you need to consider the state where you’re residing. If you’re in states like Arizona, summer can get really hot. We advise that you pick a different color as black absorbs heat which can make it uncomfortable for your child.

Parent Tray/Baby Tray

Similar to most high-end jogging strollers, Baby Jogger Citi Mini GT does not come with both a parent and child tray. You will have to purchase these separately.



Here is another caveat that this stroller has. It has a storage basket underneath but it is quite small. You will actually have to squeeze in a diaper bag, and that we’re talking about small diaper bags here.

Since most parents use this for running errands or strolling in the park, they just end up bringing a backpack. You can still purchase a hook to hang your grocery bag but you need to aware that this it can tip the stroller if it’s too heavy.

How Bulky Is This Jogging Stroller?

This is the section where this hybrid stroller actually better when compared with jogging strollers. In fact, most parents pick this model because of these factors.

Folding and Unfolding

Baby Jogger City Mini GT can be folded with just one hand. Honestly, a compact stroller that takes quite an effort to fold negates the purpose of easy transport or storage.

Once folded, it’s auto-lock feature engages so that it remains compact while inside the trunk. You wouldn’t have to worry about the stroller semi popping up when carrying it folded.

On the same note, you can easily get it back up from folded position by just disengaging the lock. After unlocking it, you just pull the handle by the seat and the stroller is ready to go.

Storing and Transport

It has a folded dimension of 29.53″ x 24.21″ x 10.24″ so it can easily fit a sedan’s trunk space. The small wheels are what makes this possible. It is also lightweight as it only weighs around 22.5 lbs. You can easily lift and store it when folded, even if you’re going up a flight of stairs.

This stroller doesn’t stand on its own when folded though. You can still balance it to standing upright but it will not be stable.

If you’re planning to bring it with you on a plane, you will need still need to check it in. Although it’s a compact stroller, it will still be too big for overhead or to fit under the seat.

Consumer Ratings

Baby Jogger City Mini GT received an almost perfect rating from the majority of customers who bought it from Amazon. They are very satisfied with how this model performs a lot better than a regular stroller. Some even dubbed this as the “perfect stroller”.

Most of the complaints this model received are with regards to the small storage space that even most diaper bags wouldn’t fit at all. While we tried to be comprehensive with our review, we still suggest that you check other Amazon reviews if you’re planning to get this model.


  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Can accommodate even tall toddlers
  • Small wheels make this stroller a lot less bulky
  • Great for strolling or walking on rough terrains


  • Storage space can be too small even for diaper bags
  • Does not include both parent and child trays

Final Words

This stroller is the middle ground between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller. Parents who are serious about their fitness can still benefit from this model. They can get to experience the same convenience as their joggers when doing errands without the bulkiness.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT shines the most when paired with moms who do not really jog or run. If you want to go shopping or stroll in Disneyland with your child, this hybrid jogging stroller is certainly the one for you.

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