Have you ever been Storkified?

Storks are always associated with delivering babies. In folklore, storks are known to fly over rooftops with a little cloth bundle landing at the doorstep of a happy couple. The little cloth bundle is their baby. It’s a very ingenious story for children who are still too young to be told how they’re actually made.

If you just had a baby, whether by natural delivery or adoption, then you’re definitely Storkified. If you have a baby niece that you’re fond of or a baby grandson, you’re Storkified as well. In fact, you’re part of this group if you have any musings with these cute and adorable little bundles of joy.

Storkified is a site dedicated to providing information on how to choose the best jogging strollers. You’ll find detailed reviews, recommendations, and buyer’s guide, plus how-to’s and other amazing articles about jogging strollers here.

Expecting a new baby can be frightening and exciting at the same time. Storkified aims to somehow lessen the “frightening” part by helping you choose the best jogging stroller that will suit your needs.

We created this site as we have had three children of our own and we know how stressful it is be to get an ideal baby stroller. We wasted a lot of money buying the wrong stroller (twice!)  before finally finding one that worked.  This experience was what made us sit down and write this guide.

We do hope that Storkified can help take the load off from you in selecting and buying your next jogging stroller. Having a baby is tedious enough, and so we want this site to be of great assistance to you.

If you want us to review any specific products or items, please feel free to reach us out through our Contact page. We also are open to accepting sponsored posts because we would love this site to grow as a repository of valuable information and useful products for babies and parents alike.

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